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Imagine now being able to LIFT and MOVE your HEAVY furniture as if it were a baby carriage?

Imagine now being able to easily drag your heavy furniture to clean whenever you want, without asking for help from anyone and without getting hurt?

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This furniture mover is a great option for dragging your furniture, making it possible to move extremely heavy furniture around your house without hassle!

No more asking for help every time you want to clean the house or move your furniture around.

Imagine now how many times you had to drag some furniture around the house and ended up scratching the floor and damaging the sofa or the bookshelf.

Why you won't be able to live without it!

✅ EASY TO USE: Simply lift the furniture with the lever, attach the mini wheeled platforms, and push around the house

FLEXIBLE DESIGN: 360-degree rotating mini platforms, more flexible for moving, protects the floor surface from scratches, with its protective rubber base, it won't damage the furniture.

VERSATILE: With the Easy Furniture Mover, you'll be able to easily redesign and rearrange your home. Suitable for use on floors: wood, laminate, carpet, and tiles, etc.

✅ ULTRA RESISTANT: The Easy Carry is made of high-quality iron material and ABS fiber, the handles are made with non-slip design, durable and portable, lift furniture with one hand.

YOUR PROBLEM SOLVER: Easy assembly, no tools required.

SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE: Maximum capacity is 150KG, increasing your natural strength by up to 10 times! Included in the Package: 1x furniture lifter 4x Mini wheeled platforms

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