Creative LED Writing Lamp

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This LED Lamp Will Surprise You!

With the Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp, you can make your home or workspace decoration more beautiful and special, and everything else your imagination allows in a creative and beautiful way!

Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp

Make Your Space Cozier and Brighter

Leave a message for your loved ones with style, making the environment more charming and elegant! This completely warms up a relationship.

Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp

Let the Ideas Flow, and If You Get Tired, Just Erase

I'm sure you've already thought of several things to write: shopping lists, to-do lists, drawings, future plans, calendars, schedules, messages, etc.

Just use the pen that comes with the product, and if you make a mistake or want to change something in the message, just use the eraser at the end of the pen.

Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp

Rechargeable via USB Cable

The Digital Creative Lamp is powered by a USB cable, which can be connected to a computer or a home adapter.

Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp


Draw and erase as many times as you want
✅ Premium Quality
LED Lighting
Rechargeable via USB cable (convenience)
High durability
Easy to clean (just remove the acrylic and wash with water and soap with a soft cloth)

Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp


Material: acrylic.
Plaque color: transparent.
Base color: white.
Rectangular plaque size: 10cm x 15cm.
Base (support) size: 9.7cm.
Charging: USB cable.

Package Includes:

1x Creative Illuminated Message Board Lamp
1x base (support).
1x pen.

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