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Ever imagined being able to make a shake or juice anywhere in just a few seconds?

Meet the future of portable blenders: it's powerful, sleek, and blends your delicious and healthy smoothies, juices, vitamins, and sauces in just a few seconds, hassle-free

Stop wasting your time!

The Mini Portable Blender is indispensable for those seeking convenience, health, and flavor anywhere, whether at home, at the gym, at college, at work, or even in parks and travels.

Long-lasting Battery

Your ultra battery of 1400mAH lasts up to 40 minutes of continuous use. In case it runs out, just connect the USB cable to the socket!


To prevent accidents, the Portable Blender comes equipped with an advanced safety system, the blade only spins if the cup is plugged into the base. Additionally, the portable blender has a sealing rubber.

Compact and Modern Design

 Easy to carry and store. And best of all, it is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Why Choose the Power Mix Portable Blender?

Convenience: With its compact design and rechargeable battery, the portable blender can be taken anywhere, making it easier and more convenient to prepare delicious drinks.
Use at home for kitchens: The Blender does great in cooking
Mobility: Without worrying about cables or outlets, the portable blender allows you to prepare juices and smoothies anywhere, whether at home, work, or on trips.
Efficiency: With a powerful motor, the portable blender can turn fruits and vegetables into beverages in seconds, ensuring quick and efficient results.
Durability: Made with high-quality materials, the portable blender is durable and resistant, guaranteeing the product's efficiency and quality for a long time.
Health: By preparing juices and smoothies at home, you have more control over the ingredients and the quality of the food, which can help improve your health and well-being in the long run.

Don't waste any more time and get your Power Mix Portable Blender today! Take advantage of our exclusive offer and have access to an easy and quick way to prepare delicious shakes and vitamins.


Blades: 6 blades
Material: ABS Plastic
Power: 200w
Voltage: 36v
Capacity: 400ml
Speed: 18000 rpm (approximately)
Size: 22 cm x 10 cm

Package Contents

1 x portable blender
1 x lid
1 x cup
1 x USB cable


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hillary Schmidt

Very quickly it happened. It's smaller than I thought, but just for 1 glass. They had well, you can adjust the degree of grinding. I recommend it!

Gloria King

Hi I bought the mini blender and I am not satisfied with it in first which is very small and second does not work does not turn on, I want to return and get my money back.

Thora Bruen

good packing, items received completed. good fruit protein shake I love it

Carroll Rowe

Very nice and practical for daily use at lunchtime

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