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Meet the object that cleans screens and removes 99.9% of dirt in just 6 seconds.

It is common for the screens of our devices like cell phones and computers to get dirty and stained.
But with the Screen Cleaner - DirtOff, you remove all these dirt, leaving your cell phone looking like new!

The complete tool that ensures efficiency and practicality for your work routine

It has two cleaning steps that guarantee a surprising result:

✅The first step is its reservoir that can be filled with screen cleaning solutions inspired by the device:

✅The second step is to use the DirtOff screen cleaner cover which is made entirely of microfibers that facilitate cleaning, removing 99.9% of the dirt that sticks to the cell phone screen.

And it is only with the combination of these two steps that it is possible to obtain an incredible result like this:

Ensures a clean screen regardless of the situation.

Thanks to the compact design of our DirtOff screen cleaner it is possible to leave your screen impeccable anywhere, it can be placed in your pocket, backpack, or left in the car.

Multipurpose cleaning.

Our microfiber cloth not only cleans cell phone screens, but it can also be used to clean various other surfaces such as TVs, tablets, computers, and even eyeglasses lenses.

Your DirtOff will always be clean.

Always after a cleaning, you can wash your screen cleaner and let it dry naturally, so it will always be clean for the next maintenance on your device.

Screen cleaning solution tip.

Our DirtOff will come to you without a solution (liquid), so you can choose the one that you find most convenient.

And if you prefer, you can follow this recipe and make at home the best screen cleaning solution:

🧴Ingredients for 1 liter of solution:

-980ml of Isopropyl alcohol. 

-20ml of detergent.


Put the detergent in the bottle, add the alcohol, and finally mix until the detergent comes out of the bottom of the bottle. And it's ready to use.


Technical specifications:

Materials:  Plastic

Colors: Black/Pink

Product weight: 82g

Cleaning liquid capacity: 20ML.

Product size: 2.5cm × 2.5cm × 9cm

Package contents:

1 x DirtOff Screen Cleaner.

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