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Street water can be contaminated and can be very harmful to your little friend.

Thinking about this, we brought the solution to quench your pet's thirst and hunger during walks!

The Portable Bottle for Pets!

Hydrate your pet even when away from home! In this heat, they need water to cool off!

Easy to carry anywhere!

It also has a compartment for food or snacks!


1. Convenient Hydration: Allows you to provide fresh water to your pet anytime during the walk, keeping them hydrated, especially on hot days.

2. Portability: The portable design makes the bottle easy to carry, whether in hand, backpack, or attached to the belt, making it easy to transport during walks, runs, or trips.

3. Food Compartment: The capacity to store food in the bottle itself eliminates the need for separate packaging, simplifying organization and making it more practical to provide food for the animal during walks.

4. Prevents Waste: Sealed compartments help keep food fresh and protected from dirt and moisture, reducing the risk of waste and ensuring that your pet receives quality food.

5. Space-saving: By combining the water bottle and food compartment into a single device, you save space in your bag or backpack, making it easier to transport everything your pet needs.

6. Prevents drinking contaminated water: Prevents the pet from drinking water from unknown sources during walks, reducing the risk of waterborne diseases and promoting health by providing a safe and controlled source of hydration.

7. Travel Convenience: Ideal for short or long trips, the portable bottle allows you to keep your pet fed and hydrated on the go, without the need to carry bulky containers or many separate items.

8. Hygiene: Many portable pet bottles are designed for easy cleaning, helping to maintain the hygiene of the water container and food compartment.

9. Leak-proof Design: Well-designed models often come with leak-proof systems, preventing water or food from leaking and soiling your bag or backpack.

10. Adaptability: Can be used for dogs and cats, providing a versatile solution for owners of different types of pets.

11. Promotes Healthy Habits: By ensuring that your pet has easy access to water and food during walks, you encourage healthy habits and contribute to the overall well-being of the animal.

How to use:


Package includes: 1x Portable Pet Bottle

Material: Plastic

Capacity: 258 mL of water and 200 mL of food/snacks.

Colors: Pink, Gray, Blue, and Green

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