FreeZer Air Conditioner and Portable Humidifier 4 in 1

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Portable Air Conditioning is the perfect solution for the biggest heat wave Brazil has ever seen!

No more suffering from the unbearable heat! Feel the power of transformation with a fresh and pleasant environment wherever you are.
Powerful, practical and portable, allowing you to take it wherever you want and at great savings.


FreeZer's savings are easily noticeable. No installation costs, no maintenance costs and no need to be directly connected to power for full operation.

Highlighted Benefits:

  • ❄️ Rapid Cooling: In minutes, transform a hot room into a cool oasis.
  • 🏡Portable and Versatile: Take it anywhere, from bedroom to living room, office to balcony.
  • 💨 Pure Air Filter: In addition to refreshing, it purifies the air, making it healthier.
  • 🎚️ Total Control: Adjust the temperature and wind intensity for your ideal comfort.
  • ⭐ Economical and Sustainable: Low energy consumption and environmentally friendly.
  • 🔇 Silent: Noise-free cooling, allowing for a peaceful night's sleep.     

Common questions:

Q: How does FrezeAir work?
A: FrezeAir uses evaporation technology to cool the air, providing a more comfortable environment.

Q: Where can I use FrezeAir?
A: You can use it anywhere - at home, in the office, on camping trips, etc.

Q: What voltage is required?
A: The FrezeAir is USB powered, which means it can be used with any USB power source.

Q: How to clean the filter?
A: The filter can be easily removed and washed to maintain optimal performance.

Don't let the heat get in the way of your comfort. Buy the FrezeAir Portable Air Conditioner now and enjoy a cooler and more pleasant environment.

Take advantage of our special limited time offer!

What's in the box:📦
1x FreeZer
1x Charging cable
1x User manual

ABS plastic

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Amy Davis

great product for summer. i thought i had battery but it turns out that it doesnt have it, but good product.

Laila Feil

Very good, please be very satisfied with the product.

Kaitlin Johns

Arrived complete, performs its functions perfectly, I just found it a little small, but it does its purpose.

Raymundo Hilll

Good product, material I agreed to the price, good performance and good power for the size, according to the publication.

Alberta Schinner

The quality of the packaging was poor, but fortunately, the fan inside was undamaged. It functions perfectly, although it would be more convenient if it didn't require constant plugging in. Overall, I am fairly satisfied with this purchase.

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